Our Veterinarian

Meet Dr Bryant:

He has been our Veterinarian for over 20 years!

Dr. Bryant and his wife Nancy (his assistant) live in Richland Missouri, have a working cattle ranch and lots of other animals too. Peacocks often strut and show off in the front yard . A donkey hangs out with the cows. Usually there is a kitten or puppy in need of a home at the clinic too. Dr Bryant breeds and trains Border Collies in his spare time.

Kids and grandkids abound; it feels like you are in a Norman Rockwell picture every time you visit. It’s a FUN place to be . His clinic is right there at the farm.

He is a wonderful veterinarian and they are a great family. We are so lucky to have him take care of our puppies !

Our puppies are vet checked at 6 & 8wks of age, and every few weeks until they go to new home.

This is a part of social skills development and learning.

The puppies learn about riding in car, being handled by people other than ourselves and their world is bigger and brighter… its really good for them ! We are given expert advise by professionals . When the puppies are 8wks old they get a “health certification” so they can leave the state if necessary. It's our goal along with Dr Bryant's help and advise to care for the health of our puppies preventively.

Dr Bryant also comes to our kennel anytime we need him. It's important to have a good relationship with the person responsible for the “precious puppies” we love.

        I do a health examination on each of Joy's puppies at 6 & 8wks of age.   We are checking puppies for eyes, ears, joints (patella), teeth, hernia, skin & coat, testicles and genetic birth defects.  We also do annual exams on all adult dogs at the kennel, and any emergencies as needed.  I have been Joy's Veterinarian for 20 years, she is a responsible breeder and I highly recommend her puppies!
Dr. Bryant



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