Health Policy/ Guarantees

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Our puppies have current shots and worming.  You will receive a HEALTH RECORD with your puppy, for your VETERINARIAN;
showing all dates and products used.

Well Puppy Exam

Dr. Bryant has given each puppy a complete Vet Exam and approves each puppy for his/her new home.

Please schedule an appointment with your Veterinarian for a Well Puppy Exam immediately; this should be done within 2 days of the purchase date.  This is to protect you and the puppy.  You will be given a list of LOCAL Vets. lease call and schedule an appointment immediately. we would appreciate a call or email, when this is accomplished.  If your Vet discovers any issues, please call us immediately. We do not pay Vet or Medical Bills.  We strive to have our puppies Healthy and Happy; Ready for their new homes.

One Year Health Guarantee

Your puppy has a 1 Year Health Guarantee from the date of birth, for Genetic/Hereditary Life Threatening Disease.  If diagnosed, we need immediate notification from you and a veterinarian statement/test results.  We want to be involved with decisions and treatments.
A replacement puppy will be offered if your puppy has to be euthanized or dies from a Genetic/Hereditary issue.
-No medical expenses will be paid
-No refunds
-Skin problems/allergies are not eligible for replacement; as these are often related to diet or environment.
  Condition can be improved and treated with foods and vitamins.
We understand that a replacement puppy would never amend the tragedy of a loss, however we need to agree in advance on a planned solution.

I, Joy Thomas, will offer a replacement puppy at first available time, SEX of the puppy will not be an issue. Replacement puppy would be over 8 weeks and less than 20 weeks of age.


Joy Thomas
671 Hwy C
Ulman, MO 65083 

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Phone: (573) 369-2983

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