Breed Information

We have selectively chosen in our opinion the BEST breeds, with qualities that every family WANTS and APPRECIATES….

1) child friendly

2) non shed

You can fall in love with any breed, but planning in advance assures you select a family member that you will be happy with for years to come! Certain breeds are NON SHED. These breeds also have the added benefit of NO ODOR. Certain breeds are congenial and loving with kids, this is all GENETICS. Research is Important .



8-12 lbs

Any color, gold/ white or black /white is most common.

Disposition is fantastic, patient with toddlers, loving with elderly, a sweet natured Loving companion for any age. Low Key, Fun and Playful. Not barkers . Flat face , short nose, and large dark eyes, make this breed endearing .

Groom: Long Coat is impressive and Beautiful, will require brushing every day.

Puppy Cut is easy care and no fuss.



5-10 lbs

White with black pigment on nose & eye rims

Disposition is Impish and Playful , Comical and Adorable! It wins the heart of everyone. Good natured with children, especially with those that are gentle and respective of its small size. Very Intelligent . Tricks are easy . The Profuse White Coat make it very Showy & Elegant.

Groom: Full Coat requires Brushing Daily, Puppy Cut is care free and easy to maintain.

Hypo - Allergenic

POODLE , Toy or Mini

5-10 lbs

Any Color . White, apricot, chocolate, silver, black . Any is acceptable.

Disposition is very good, but can be spoiled easily. Strong personality . Does great with well mannered , gentle kids. Requires gentle handling and interaction with kids during youth, to get used to noises and fast movements… Very Intelligent and Easy Train. Popular choice for breeding HYBrids.

Groom: Every 4- 6 wks for a fancy Poodle Clip… Puppy Cut more carefree and Casual , every 8wks.

Hypo Allergenic



5-9 lbs

Black & Gold, or Black & Tan, with silver or blue shading.

Disposition. Best with kids who are gentle, and not threatening. Social experience with kids is a must.

Groom: Brushing Daily for long & silky. Puppy cut for Casual Ease.

Scissor trim occasionally to shorten every 6-8wks

Hypo - Allergenic


9-15 lbs.


Disposition Excellent ! Sweet Natured and Playful . Good with elderly or young children. Often used in therapy work with handicap or elderly.

Not barkers.

Groom: 6-8wks, depending on length of coat.

Hypo Allergenic


West Highland White Terriers (Westies)

13-18 lbs

White, with black Eyes & Nose.

Disposition is Wonderful!  Excellent child and Family Pet, loves to follow the kids around and go to Soccer games, the Park, anywhere your family goes!  Small, yet Sturdy and Compact, it's a hardy rugged little dog.  Very Indoor/Outdoor, Easy Train.

Groom:  Easy to maintain, a Westie Groom requires only weekly brushing.  Some like the Natural or Shaggy look, with daily brushing. 

HY Brids
are the combination of TWO Purebred Parents, of different Breeds.

Some are Labradoodles, PekaPoo, CockaPoo. These breeds shed.

NON SHED HY BRIDS are the offspring of TWO Purebred Parents that are Non Shed.

MaltiPoo ( Maltese & Poodle) 6-12 lbs any color non shed & hypo allergenic

PooChon ( Bichon frise & Poodle) 7-14 lbs any color non shed & hypo allergenic

Shih Poo ( Shih Tzu & Poodle) 7 -12 lbs any color non shed & hypo allergenic

Any of these look adorable in Puppy Cuts. Easy Care , Groom every 6-8wks.


Let your HEART be the GUIDE as you choose your New Best Friend… !!

Joy Thomas